Invalidating a session in javascript

My problem now, though, is to use that ability to call javascript to invalidate the session.

I wrote this code based on the feedback that was given to similar questions on stackoverflow .

@Mihir: Those headers needs to be set on responses for which you'd like to turn off the browser cache.

invalidating a session in javascript-66

I already tried with window.onunload() but it is not working in my case.

Because it is generated even I click on back button or any other activity. If not, then Is there any ground work which is work in chrome, Mozilla and IE as well?

I write all the above headers and then invalidate the session.

after performing logout operation the page is forwarded to login page,then i press back button of the browser and it shows the dashboard or last page from where i perform the logout help or should post another question for it ?

PAM (the Pluggable Authentication Module) is a unified authentication scheme introduced by Sun in Solaris (released as an undocumented feature in Solaris 2.3 ) and later re-implemented in other commercial Unixes and most open source OSes (BSD variants, Linux, etc).

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