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(There is an exception to this rule: Men with chronic shortcomings are so accustomed to failure that they no longer avoid it and appear immune to it.It looks like confidence, but their bold behavior is merely a disguise that masks their flaws.If women are intimidated by them, for the most part, it is for very little real reason.

I have been told many times by men that I am intimidating.

I consider myself to be shy, but friendly, and cool with all types of people, so I don't get it.

But until then, let’s listen: This week’s challenge was to not intimate men, a notion that is insulting to both men and women.

If a guy is really intimidated by a girl’s wit and money and brains and humor and success, I just don’t think things can be fixed.

The type of women men will date The truth is men date women who are approachable, likeable, and available.

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