I am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man

As all opposing signs, Taurus and Scorpio can be madly attracted to each other, more so because of the sexual nature of their signs.We wouldn’t primarily link Taurus to sexuality, but it does represent sensuality and is a sign that governs physical pleasure.He’s bound to be learning something as his interests are always changing.

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Their relationship is a connection of deepest emotions and sexuality that no other couple in the zodiac is privileged to have.

Any sort of sexual frustration could lead to a pretty dark approach to their sex life.

The other thing that makes a Gemini man and a Sagittarius woman so happy is that one or the other is not there at least half the time.

Both these signs need a lot of space and have even been known to live in different houses and different countries very happily “together.” Strictly speaking, the Sagittarius woman is the country bumpkin and the Gemini man is the city-slicker, so it makes sense that they would have two houses — one in town and one in the country.

Then keep your mouth shut — I know it’s hard because you really How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Gemini Man: You’re going to have to be fast on your feet, which will thrill you right there.

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