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After five years in our World, I was given the opportunity to become a beta tester for a new, more adult-oriented site – Vegas World – and found it easy to make the leap to the new platform.

Kim Mitchell met her husband Shane in an MMO social casino called Vegas World.

After more than a two-year courtship there that included nightlong chats, Kim and Shane took their relationship to the next level, online and off.

they won't have to go to prison this year to visit their dad.

Phaedra's uneasy that the kids have been visiting their father, her estranged husband Apollo Nida who's doing hard time.

They celebrated a virtual wedding with all of their Vegas World friends, and two months later, their virtual love turned into a real-world marriage when they tied the knot in Tennessee. With dozens of Internet dating sites available today, it seems that much of the younger generation is comfortable with the concept of meeting their significant others online.

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