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R57 is a IMDB fangurl who is monitoring all the threads on DL about Sam.

Brace yourself because rumor has it there are some scenes that were cut off -the fellatio from the book- could eventually appear.... Other than illustrating what a monster Jack is, I don't get why it was necessary. Sam Heughan, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Taron Egerton and that guy playing the priest whose name I don't remember. If the royal family looked like these guys they would still rule the world.

You mostly get into them at bus stops.” “My girlfriend bought me a star. I think it’s named after the person who discovered it’s Wi Fi connection.” Pete Otway “When I Facetime someone I spend 90% of the time looking at my own face and the other 10% watching someone look at theirs.” “I can’t exercise for long periods.

When I get back from a run my girlfriend usually asks if I’ve forgotten something.” John-Luke Roberts “It’s sometimes OK to use kitchen paper as a back up to loo paper.

I hear you ask.” “I was thinking of running a marathon, but I think it might be too difficult getting all the roads closed and providing enough water for everyone.” Steve Bugeja “How do people make new mates?

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