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Lucky for you, mastering online dating is nowhere near as hard as mastering a second language, but the rule still applies – you have to practice consistently if you’ll ever hope to be a pro at it.

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In that time, we were able to DOUBLE our response rates from the women we messaged – and our response rates were already pretty darn high…Even as professional online daters, we’re still very dedicated to learning… Trial and error allows us to have more insight about the true causes of attraction in women.

Naturally, we picked up some killer tricks along the way, but for us, that’s just a bonus, because we know that relying on one gimmick after another will not bring long term success…The only way to gain the wisdom of an online dating master is to have the discipline of a student, because experience only comes with practice.

I set up this course to be easy and fun for you to learn all you need to know to be successful in online dating.

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