Housewifehookup com

So if you are looking to become a toy-boy of a sexually deprived housewives then be warned because with so much build up sexual tension it just might be the most intense and crazy sex you will ever have!

I’ve been married four years and recently found out that my husband has been cheating on me with the same “ex-girlfriend” off and on since we met.

(And yes, I feel like the biggest idiot ever.)What I can’t puzzle out is, in this brave new world of Google and Craigslist — couldn’t he have found another swinger? Isn’t there yet a dating site devoted to the polyamorous?

Serial cheaters like your husband and my ex like cake.

As you said, it’s a big world with Google — they could find a fellow swinger to forge an “understanding” with. But no, they CHOOSE to marry someone, feign monogamy, and fuck around.

Much love to u of l as an accountant for my dad and indonesian.

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