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Despite your apology that followed for the unnecessary remark, he was determined to give you a piece of his pissed off sentiment had you not dragged him to the nearest store and bought him a replacement of his soaked clothes to prove your sincerity. Surrender | Nicolas Brown x Reader TW: Slight language.

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it happens when i have too many tabs looks like i can't delete posts sorry again. Quick question: does population affect anything at the moment?

uwu Tieria Erde and Gundam 00 belongs to Yōsuke Kuroda & Sunrise. ( ヮ ) *: *: Solace [AU] Levi x Reader It was your idea.

The chilly wind nips at his skin as his boots touches the pavement, the surface bearing traces of thin films of ice which you loved to skip-skid against to simply earn his annoyance.

For one thing, the protagonists have dedicated themselves to eradicating war from the very beginning; it's the goal of their organization, Celestial Being.

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