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I’m outgoing and chatty, so I wouldn’t let there be any awkward silences either.”I’ve never had a boyfriend. However, cupid’s arrow didn’t quite hit its target because a subsequent rendezvous never materialised.

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I thought, if he liked me with all that, it’s only going to go up from there.

It was one of those experiences that I will always remember.”“Try your best to relax and be yourself.

Bríain had the misfortune of being the only participant who was stood up on a previous episode, so he was extra nervous meeting bubbly Amy. The RTÉ crew and the restaurant staff know how nervous everyone is, so they really try to put you at ease,” explained Aimee. I felt that the date went really well,” said Aimee.

“At first, you notice the cameras and you’re conscious about eating and what you’re saying, but after a while you get more relaxed. When asked on camera if the pair would like to see each other again, both Aimee and Bríain Óg agreed to a date.

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