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Almost every device, whatever the size, now comes with a webcam built in — and though the warnings this morning referred to standalone cameras, PC and laptop cameras are liable to malicious access, too.

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(courtesy of Kenyon College) Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook does it. In hacker lingo, they take control and “enslave” computers. Carlin, who heads the national security division, said he was all for taping over webcams, given the prevalence of computer hacking. Sharp-eyed viewers noticed that a laptop computer behind him had silver tape over the webcam and the microphone jack. Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera,” Comey told students.

FBI Director Comey admitted in a question-and-answer session April 6 at Kenyon College in Ohio that he saw a colleague with tape over his webcam and decided to follow suit. Data security experts say the threat is real, prevalent and worth precautionary action. The effort it takes is very minimal,” said Satnam Narang, senior security response manager at Norton by Symantec, the California-based global data security firm.

The culprits commonly use RAT malware – which stands for remote access Trojan – and the hackers are sometimes called ratters.

They attach the malware to photos, music files, documents or video and lure the user to click.

It said these attacks resulted in millions of dollars of ransom payments.

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