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In an affidavit, Haines said she had gone in and out of protection in Silverwater jail because of harassment from inmates, who called her a "granny killer"."I fear for my safety because yesterday a girl said that I must go back to protection, that it was a dog act to kill old ladies," Haines wrote on an inmate request form in July.

The affidavit also said: "When I was arrested I shut down and felt like I was in a small box, but it was closed.

It is allegedly Maguire put a knife to the man’s throat during the ordeal, which police claim was provoked by Maguire’s belief that his wife had been having an affair with the victim.

Court documents said Maguire, a fly-in, fly-out worker, repeatedly hit his former friend with the lamp base, leaving the man with severe swelling and cuts to his face.

It is alleged Maguire admitted his crime when spoken to by police, saying “he has been f—king my missus so I came around her and flogged the f—k out of him”.

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