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I think that I could just copy and paste the fishing report.. Contact Robert Chavez at 830-876-6129 for more details.. White bass have been stacked up in front of the dam near the outlet to generators, inside the bouys. We're still on for stocking the bass from La Perla this Friday, and I have some good help lined up.. I have been hinting lately about something that is coming up here at Falcon. Remember a couple of years ago when PAW put a bunch of Sharelunker fish in the new lake up at La Perla, owned by Dr. I am sure that SL fish have ended up in private waters here in Texas before.. But here's what is going to happen, if all goes as planned. If you are interested in helping distribute some fish, on your own dime, please give me a call.. How many times in life will you get a chance to stock your own hole with Sharelunker heritage fish? I have about run out of expressions and adjectives to describe the wind around here. On Sunday, the north wind was blowing, so I headed out alone and ended up in the Hedieona.. Wonder how the population could ever get out of control.. I talked to some folks that that caught limits of crappie there three days in a row. On the home front, there are a few things I address as well.. I have not been on the lake and I have only talked to a handful of guys that have. March 27, 2017: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.. Mike Bates and Ty Heineman won it with a 28.09 stringer.. I don't think the bait is as important as where you are fishing, and it usually ain't. The shad are so thick in some places right now that I am surprised that you can get a bite at all. I got horny, got pregnant, and I need an abortion, and I'm a victim.. The shad spawn should be in full bloom and we should kick their ass. Looks like I'll be stuck inside again for most of the week.. It is raining here this morning and we have already had about an inch. As does the valley and it looks like they will get some as well. Of course there is always an exception to the rule.. There are a lot of fish that are done with the spawn.. It appears that this year we will still have spawning fish well into March.. Post spawn fish on ledges are being caught on deeper crankbaits.. Good rod and reel action has been reported and we have some buddies that have jugs put out this weekend.. There are several bass clubs in town, and generally speaking there quite a few folks here enjoying the warm weather and chasing the bass as well.. The lake is pretty much holding steady for right now.. And I have no idea what is in store for the near future.. But not a lot of folks were able to string a pile of them together. You guys were great to visit with and on behalf of Zapata businesses, and especially Falcon Lake Tackle, Thank you! And I see all these "protestors" holding up signs saying, "Build Bridges, Not walls."A quick google search brings up thirty five bridges in the state of Texas alone.. Maybe we can close some bridges, and take the money saved to build the wall? If you point a light at someone that has a gun, do you think they might know where you are?? They might not have seen the commercial about the flashlight.. With my luck, if I turned it on, two seconds later I'd hear some techno music, and then Miley Cyprus would show up, in some unwashed spandex underwear, last worn by Elton Jon, and start twerking in the beam.. February 17, 2017: It's no secret that the Texas Bass Nation is in town this week.. February 10, 2017: In the last couple of days the fish have gone apeshit.. What are they going to do when it won't run out anymore? Please join me in praying for some timely and well located rain. Yesterday was 107° with a nice cooling south wind at about twenty five.. But if you didn't have those gusts, how in the world would you keep cool? Of course this thing has been photographed more times than Marilyn Monroe.. What you can expect is areas that have a lot of rocky banks to be much clearer. You might try chunking a shallow crank on some of those windblown rocks. There's only one nut you could put a socket on, on an entire reel..

Marker three and south on the Texas side is s good place to start. Rattle Traps and square bills are a pretty sure bet on these fish. Survivability this year is going to be lower than usual.. Ramps at both ends are still fine, but if we lose another three feet we will be off the state park ramp.. What should happen here is that survival rates will go from 2-5%, more or less, to.. Once a fish weighs a pound or so, there are only a few things that can cause his death.. We'll see when we open the doors on the stocking trucks provided by PAW to move the fish from the ranch to Zapata. Schwartz is paying for the collection of the fish from the lake at the ranch. A fast boat ride to their new home will shorten the time they spend in small water boxes.. Of course you must have live wells working at peak efficiency to participate in this event!! Anyway we fished the back sides of some wind blown points with a few ledges on the downwind side. But I heard the south end of the lake was a bitch.. (Three fish) And on Saturday, it was taking about a five pound average to be in the top three. Deep cranks are catching the lions share of the better bass, and the Spro Little John DD is a good choice. Alligator Gar are starting to show up as the water warms.. Of course most folks don't have brush piles out, and if you are visiting from out of town you ain't gonna either. But know that there are lot of fish calling the dam, and water within fifty yards of it, home. As volatile as the world is these days, I think we, as a country, need to re-access exactly what all we are involved in.. I don't care if you are trying to get the rest of your family here.. I would instantly retire half of the postal service employees.. Look at the fuel and pollution savings that would bring.. I would terminate payments to mothers of children on a per child basis.. Saturday was a windy SOB, and Sunday was not much better.. We also had a couple of mornings when we whacked the crap out of top water fish.. And while my intentions were to catch a few crappie for a fish fry, it was hard to hold in open water and fish a brush pile with kinda rough water.. And while I had a pile of rods on the deck, only the one with a fluke on it got me bit.. I did not catch but about half of the bites I got, but I did catch a six and a half in the batch.. I talked to several fishermen yesterday evening that did much better than me. This week is the last before the Bass Champs boys roll into town, and they are off limits during the week, next week. I'm in the country illegally, and that makes me a victim.. Water temps have been around seventy, but we have had clouds and cool a few days this week. Bigger fish still seem to be on wood, and flipping the sticks. Some folks have hit it good, and some have struggled a bit. North winds and clouds have not been beneficial to the ongoing spawn. And I expect that we will see another wave of spawners up at the full moon, which happens on the 12th.. We don't have em like a few years back, but we have em.. Of course most threw the Falcon standards of the day. During that same time, there were protest marches against the new president in all the big cities.. Fishing is good for the most part, and as long as it stays warm, and the wind will let you on the water, I believe it is only going to get better. A shakey head with a small offering has been doing good as well.. It is not unusual when we get some folks from other parts of the state down here they fish a lot differently than we do as locals.. If Mother Nature will let us out there to chase em.. The spawn is/was on this last few days, and a lot of shallow fish have been caught. Which leaves the fish vulnerable to the gar, cormorants, fishermen, and netters.. And with the death of the oilfield, The Lake is the only blood that flows through Zapata's economy.. Deep divers and jigs seem to be the ticket, along with the big fluke starting to catch some fish. Shallow rocks are still the number one way to put numbers in the boat. He's not the only one that has been catching some good fish. Although during my short stint at college some girls did refer to me as the clit master.. All of the different sects of Islam can't even get along with each other.. The world has had to give them a beat down every few decades or at least century's.. Time to bounce them bones off the back wall and and drag in your pile of jack.. Seven Eleven is not only the name of a convenience store..

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May 18, 2017: Well I hope you folks had a good Mothers Day, and you got to spend some time with your family.. Yesterday was a great day to fish, but I had doctors appointment in the AM and it was too damn hot to go when I got back. It has been good for numbers, but big fish are still spotty.. The alligator gar are getting more active, and some big ones have been taken lately. Long as all goes as planned we'll be scattering out some good brood stock to a lot of areas of the lake. What's the one thing that a biologist will tell you when you are trying to grow big fish in a pond, or small lake? And I was/am chomping at the bit to receive 1000 to 1200 cormorant proof (for the most part) fish for Falcon. And a few end up eaten by anglers, and killed by anglers with poor live well etiquette.. But the odds are that a very good number of SL bred fish, that have made it past the most dangerous period of their entire existence, are going to be put into Falcon. This event will take place on Friday, May 12th, around noon.. But let's just say that this month has been a windy son of a gun.. And it was blowing more than anyone in their right mind would want it to.. I have seen pics of a couple tens this last week and heard of a bunch of fours and fives. And some were visited by the Mexican game warden on Saturday. But if you are fishing on the Mexican side you might want to take into consideration that they are in the area this week. Like I said, they are most always around on Easter weekend. I'd also stop all payments of financial aid to the middle east, and any country that sponsors terrorism.. If they blew up, bombed, or attacked any American interests, I level their world.. I would immediately suspend all deep space adventures.. Last weekend there was a tournament that was HQ'd out of Guerrero, across the lake near the mouth of the Salanaias. You get around some fish, chances are you are gonna catch some.. It is not at all unusual to hook a couple a day if you throw a squarebill much. Hopefully enough to keep the gates closed for a while at the dam. We have had a lot of fishermen in town, and folks are here from all over the country. A big billed bait has produced some fish for several people we have talked to this week.. But I am sure that irrigation draws are bound to start up again before too long.. The first real rain of any kind we have had in months.. If you were here fishing but not fishing the tourney, I am sure you noticed the lake traffic a little higher than than our norm, even for February, which is invariably our busiest month.. Those fish are on the beds in a lot of areas, and we heard all kinds of stories about the ones that got off, broke off, jumped off, flopped off, and just pretty much kicked the anglers asses.. And if you have fished Falcon much in the spring, I guarantee it has happened to you.. And while I think my hand is getting better, I am still a loooong way from fishing.. These fellers that were here last week threw the entire play book at em, as they left no peg unplucked, and kept us looking for what we might consider something too small or obscure. Why do we need more bridges if you are going to sneak/swim across the river somewhere else anyway? I also saw a commercial the other day, that said if I had this flashlight, I won't need a gun.. And I'd like to thank them for kicking our ass for the last five days.. It has been our pleasure talking with all of you, and thanks for choosing Zapata and Falcon Lake for your state tourney. I have not been writing much, and typing is still difficult.. We are still a good ways from that, but there is no way that all the water that left Falcon and Sugar was used beneficially this year. Due to the low and dropping water level, fishing here has been awesome. A few months ago we had a lot of fish up in the cover, that were un-assailable. Because unlike some, my memory is longer than my dick. And I promise, once we get it., I'll quit bitching for a while.. I have seen wind spells around here like this before, but it has certainly been awhile. When this big high pressure sits on us like a cluck hen, we are in for some heat.. But the only thing that they have in common is that they'll both break your heart.. As you can see from the picture, the water in the river is all riled up and the visibility in it is about as long as a grasshopper dick.. Of course down lake in open water, the water color is good.. Put on your galoshes and make sure your bilge pumps are in good working order.. And getting the handle off rarely gets you to the root of the problem..

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