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There are countless wedding planning kits out there complete with a checklist to help guide couples through the process.Though useful as a general guideline, checklists can hinder the imagination and they typically do not account for different cultural/religious traditions that might be important to the couple.A simple way to infuse a little culture is by using traditional wedding decorations, wedding supplies and other visual elements.

Many brides and grooms would love to marry in the tradition of their ancestors or at least introduce elements of a traditional wedding ceremony or reception from their cultural backgrounds.

Incorporating cultural wedding traditions and customs to a wedding is not only a fantastic way to share something personal with the guests but a nice tribute to the families.

The People Germans value order, privacy and punctuality. Germans respect perfectionism in all areas of business and private life.

In Germany, there is a sense of community and social conscience and strong desire for belonging.

A primary destination for travel, Italy is a country rich in history, art and cuisine.

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