Gay dating someone with hiv

The feeling of just wanting to slither into a hole and let the world go on without you until you're gone can be hard to avoid.

These sorts of thoughts will fade as you realize that you still have a life to live and that you should make the most of.

But can dating realistically be a part of that life? TIP: Positive Singles specializes in dating for those with STD and HIV There are essentially two primary ways to go about dating with HIV: try to find other people with HIV or date the general public as you would otherwise.

The advantages to dating others with HIV are pretty clear; you're much less likely to be rejected because of your condition.

Having unprotected sex with an infected person is one way the virus spreads because during sex, infected fluids — such as semen (the fluid released from the penis when a male ejaculates), vaginal fluids, or blood — are passed from one person to another. In fact, people who are HIV positive might not even know that they have the virus.

Someone can become infected even if only tiny amounts of these fluids are spread. Most of the signs that someone has HIV don't show up until that person has developed full-blown AIDS.

The most practical way to meet others going through the same condition is to meet them on dating sites dedicated solely to such profiles, such as Positive Singles, HIV People Meet and so on.

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