Galaxy s3 weather widget not updating

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In the General Settings you should see the options below: That’s it!

From now on, updates to apps should never be downloaded unless you are connected to a wireless network – so they can’t use up your data allowance 🙂Updated 2015: a reader noted that even if this setting is turned on, if you lose your wireless connection it can still be possible for some updates to be downloaded using your mobile data.

The app is designed to be backwards compatible but won’t work as well if you’re using a weaker device, small screen, and/or old OS. [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”Is HD Widgets compatible with my favorite launcher?

recommended: Dual-core 1.2 GHz Android OS 4.0 (ICS) & up hdpi/xhdpi/tablet screen [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”Does HD Widgets work on tablets? ”] We’ve successfully tested HD Widgets on most native device launchers.

It is looking like it may be Monday before the update as there are changes that need to be completed today and then re-testing, but as an end result updates should be considerably more robust in the next release.

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