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On Tuesday night, Karen Yankosky and Philippa Hughes uncorked a bottle of wine and settled in for an intimate chat about online dating in front of 40 people at Flashpoint Gallery.

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And then it happens: People start having babies.“Before kids, we were thinking about what the hot new restaurant was to go to, what bar we would go to, whose birthday it was, who was having an awesome cottage weekend,” says Etobicoke mother of one Danielle Bablich, 31, whose son Leo is just over 6 months old.

“Now it’s all about meeting around nap schedules, being in bed by 9.”Whether you’re a new mom or a kid-free friend watching (slightly horrified) from the sidelines, the arrival of little ones in a friend circle can really shake things up.

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She writes in the caption that the diaper rash cream contains the commonly-used sunscreen ingredient zinc, describing it as an “acne killer.” This could very well be true — diaper rash cream is commonly used in skincare regimens across the pond while others have sworn that sunscreen helped destroy their zits.

In Canada, the average age for women having their first kid is 28.5 years old, meaning many female friends are experiencing big changes in their friend groups around that time.

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