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Join a couple of those and you'll most likely get an invitation to another event. It's SUPPOSED to be a networking site for people to discuss relevant topics, chit-chat, have a public profile that lets people know what you're about and what you like, and announce events.

Unfortunately, every barrel has the inevitable worm-filled bad apples that drag down the reputation of all the other apples around it. or worse - the ones that don't think the rules apply to them, don't respect the people around them, and just use the site to find free sex or a warm body to slap around and ignore the safety word because they think "real" BDSM shouldn't have such things. These are focused on Swinging and even harder to get into if you're a single guy.

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The good news is there are plenty of decent, caring, delightful people who work hard to fight against the moldy apples. A balance between male and female guest is crucial.

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