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She bares her breasts and holds a stare into the mirror. Encouraged and intrigued, she bares the other one, lifting the swimsuit over her head, liking the way her breasts look, fully round and firm.

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In a short chapter entitled “The Sexual Superiority of the Female,” Montagu wrote that while “social conditioning plays a considerable role . Everything we have learned in the decade and a half since Montagu’s last edition confirms these differences.

there is a profound biological difference between the sexes. But, he believed, women’s arousal is not continuous and impersonal; it is framed in relationships and works best when a partner, male or female, makes an investment that comes from caring.

Very few men tell women what they are thinking, and this may be a good thing.

Women who “get it” may sympathize (up to a point) or not, but either way they are better off than those who believe men are just like them.

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