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Usually, the only means of credit available to borrowers with poor credit ratings is through what is known as the sub-prime market, where would-be borrowers are charged high rates of interest to reflect the perceived risk to the lender.

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This may require proof that you did not make a transgression or that it was not your fault.

The first thing is to make sure all your payments to creditors are made on time.

Instead, he was writing down an idea, namely, the ingredients necessary to the preparation of a particular dish. The copyright is limited to those aspects of the work–termed ‘expression’–that display the stamp of the author’s originality.” .

We do not view the functional listing of ingredients as original within the meaning of the Copyright Act.

Although you may find the lender simply tries to tell you that you need to speak to the credit agency. Under the Data Protection Act, if you are refused credit, and scoring was used to help the lender decide, you can ask for a review of your application.

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