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“We’re on the cover of every newspaper, every magazine,” he says in San Jose in early June. (In fact, he brings to the podium a few pages of handwritten bullet points, to which he periodically refers as he, mostly, wings it.) He wings it because winging it serves his purpose. One of them, Sandra Borchers, tells me that out there all was calm (she was “actually having dialogues” with Trump supporters, “back-and-forth conversations, at about this talking level”) until Trump started speaking. Green Shirt shouts at the Tall Trumpies (who, fortunately for him, are now safely out of earshot), “And I’ll stomp the fucking can get your fat fucking Chinese face out of here.” The kid seems more quizzical than hurt. ” a Trump supporter rages desperately into the line of protesters, after one of them forces his phone camera down. In the old days, a liberal and a conservative (a “dove” and a “hawk,” say) got their data from one of three nightly news programs, a local paper, and a handful of national magazines, and were thus starting with the same basic facts (even if those facts were questionable, limited, or erroneous).

He is not trying to persuade, detail, or prove: he is trying to thrill, agitate, be liked, be loved, here and now. (At one point in his San Jose speech, he endearingly fumbles with a sheaf of “statistics,” reads a few, fondly but slightingly mentions the loyal, hapless statistician who compiled them, then seems unable to go on, afraid he might be boring us.) And make energy he does. You have some sheriff—there’s no games with your sheriff, that’s for sure. Then things got “violent and aggressive.” Someone threw a rock at her head. I ask Green Shirt for clarification: did he just tell that guy to get his Chinese face out of here? The Trump campaign gets those shirts from China.” I’m relieved. “I did call him fat, though,” he admits, then dashes back over to the kid, hisses, “Why don’t you make your great again? Now each of us constructs a custom informational universe, wittingly (we choose to go to the sources that uphold our existing beliefs and thus flatter us) or unwittingly (our app algorithms do the driving for us).

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