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ome specialties of Web Health's Online Consultation are being handled by independent consultants. He has done various other courses from various well-known institutions in Europe and the US.

Each one of them is eminent in the concerned field. Special areas of his interest include Infertility, Assisted Reproduction, Family Welfare, Endo-vaginal Sonography, Operative Hysteroscopy, Micromanipulation, and Pre-implantation Genetics.

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The Coimbatore region played a prominent role in the Second Poligar War (1801) when it was the area of operations of Dheeran Chinnamalai.

Much of Tamil Nadu came under the rule of the Vijayanagara Empire by the 15th century.

While the churn is on within the technology corporations, how has the consumer evolved, in the barrage of new technology?

Just look at the possibilities before us today – something we would not have possibly imagined even at the turn of the millennium: The pace of change has been blinding.

In the 1550s, Madurai Nayaks who were the military governors of the Vijaynagara Empire took control of the region.

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