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Even if a “Flag PM” function is implemented, the Scratch Team currently does not have the resources to moderate it, because of the reason I said before there would be a lot of inappropriate/disrespectful messages.

Several people want to be able to lock their projects so that they are read-only, and other people can't see the code to copy their scripts, sounds, or artwork.

As a result, it's even easier to edit wiki articles and contribute new ones. Please note that all chat rooms listed here are publicly accessible and indexed by search engines, so only share email addresses or other sensitive information in private messages.

Head on over: This Git Hub-based wiki that you're looking is out-of-date.

With the explosion of camera enabled Apple IOS devices, along with the Macintosh's increasing market penetration, Apple's Face Time conference app has become a formidable contender with an installed base in the hundreds of millions of i Phone, i Pad and Mac OSX users.

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