Formatting not updating

Each sheet must be opened individually in order for the formula's and conditional formatting to update. Note all fixes at this point include opening at least one sheet for the update to occur: Hi Rex, as you have seen, conditional formatting rules are only applied (or removed) when the sheet is opened.

After several tries at forcing your custom formatting to stick, you make this face…

You know that default setting in the Pivot Table options (“Preserve cell formatting on update”)? It seems like it should prevent the loss of formatting, but it doesn’t. There is a difference between formatting a pivot table and formatting the cells around it. You have to specifically select the area of the pivot table you want to format. The minute I select another filter criteria (Southwest in this case), my formatting disappears.

For example, consider the Pivot Table shown below in Figure 1.

In this example, no conditional formatting has yet been applied to the Pivot Table.

For example, a common practice of "highlighting" the front most tab panel in a tab control is to make the tab control transparent and place conditionally formatted text behind the tab control and, using the Get Layout Object Attribute function to format the appropriate block of text when the associated tab panel is clicked on.

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