Foot fetish hook up

Call it creepy, inappropriate or just plain strange.The word is out about a prospective home buyer with a serious foot fetish.

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This time, though, it was a crew bus that had slid into a snowbank as it headed back to town. That just doesn't happen." Telluride, the onetime mining outpost turned ski-bum paradise nestled in the far end of a box canyon, has seen its share of what one local calls "Hollyweirdos." Starting with 1969's , starring John Wayne, half a dozen movies have been filmed in the area, and A-listers from Tom Cruise to Oliver Stone own or have owned property there.

The town has a year-round population of just 2,400, and its longtime residents, who know each other's business like dorm mates, can be dismissive of tourists.

(I’m a 23 year old recent graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

I graduated with a degree in Communications Media and a minor in psychology. In college I worked at our TV station as a crew member and on-air weather anchor for our schools news station. I don’t like lobster though, and I’m not into sushi. Does that mean you think I’m hot and thats why you are asking me to go out with you?

But they can also latch on to the weekly infusion of new faces and out-of-state money when they need an escape.

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