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Flirt with me chat request

I've been Gchatting a lot with my co-worker - should I friend request him? What does he think when he receives my friend request? Facebook is a relatively new reality in the dating scene, and the rules of gender politics, along with the Do's and Don'ts of online etiquette, haven't quite been decided yet. And as with all innovations in the post-dating world, the rules were hazy and the opinions were scattered. That they're going to interpret your friend request as a subtle - but clear - sign of romantic interest.

The best way to get some male perspective on the inevitable intersection of Facebook and Romance? But there is definitely something that we women can learn here. Who says that men can't pick up on indirect signals?

The app is a fabulous tool for snagging the guy who’s been ruling your fantasies for the past month, because it’s the perfect way to showcase how amazing you are.

If you’re not quite sure how to make your snaps sizzle, you’re in luck!

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