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56-year-old mom Monica Ramoutar and her 22-year-old daughter Jessica are in it to win it, figuratively speaking.

In the meantime, you can read past Adventures In Dating here Homeless Man Busted For Indecent Exposure Tells Cops ‘I Was Just Airing Out My Penis’ : A 50-year-old homeless man was arrested after he was spotted puling down his jeans and underwear outside of a store, “fluffing” his genitals and sniffing his fingers. Mother-Daughter Porn Duo Arrested for Prostitution: You read it correctly.

We believe people should be smart enough to protect themselves.

We do not advocate crime, we just welcome those who made serious mistakes in their lives. It will help you to find like minded people from all over the world.

Everyone deserves a fair chance and a second chance.

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