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Now I am looking at some rentals for this summer, and they all have a hefty VRBO service fee. I know an owner who advertises on VRBO already pays a subscription fee to advertise there. This isn't benefitting the owner at all, and I don't see any value to me as a renter either.

"The service fee is a fee charged to the traveler and is calculated on a sliding scale of 4% to 9% of the rental amount, excluding the deposit or taxes.

there’s no reason to stay more an hour, even if it’s the best night of your life. we don’t send people to sit on their ass in a wine bar!

Maybe it turns out they can’t stand Long Island girls; maybe they’ve decided religion doesn’t matter? We are sending people out kayaking, on hikes, scavenger hunts …

These modern-day yentas — some are hipsters, some are WASPs, all are surrogate big sisters — specialize in everyone from the rich and famous, to the freaks and geeks, to, simply, regular riders on the F train. You need to bang two people together, let those pupils dilate, and see what happens!

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