Every moment counts speed dating

Whether you’re single or committed, you’ll need to consider many things your relationship status once you decide to move abroad — especially if you’re part of a couple traveling.It might be a week long trip to Ghana, a three month summer internship in Italy, a year of teaching English in South Korea, or a complete relocation to be an expat worker abroad, but no matter your travel destination and duration, your significant other, or lack thereof, will have an impact on your time dating abroad.Paul campus for what might have been the state's first weed dating meet-up.

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Here are the main do’s and don’ts that will help you get a handle on what may lie ahead for a couple traveling, whether apart, together, or after you call it quits: Nothing is more exciting than going abroad than going abroad with your boo!

As a couple traveling, you’ll get to experience beautiful moments together while learning about the culture of a new country.

No name tags, few formal introductions, no split between men and women. "I was just coming to spend some time on the farm," said Maria Paschke, 22.

"I wasn't particularly hoping to meet someone." She laughed and added: "But it would be a perk." The trend has captured national attention and amused farm types.

If you're reading this tip thinking, "This isn't me -- I don't fall into this pitfall," think again!

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