Erin foster dating samantha ronson

Back in November, 2008, Samantha Ronson’s mother, Anne Dexter-Jones, attended a party in Dubai with her daughter and her daughter’s then-girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay’s outrageous behavior at the party was so disturbing to Anne that she told her daughter and Lindsay that she did not approve of their relationship and that Lindsay was not welcome in her home.

Her first husband is a band manager named Laurence Ronson, with whom she had daughter Samatha, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson and music producer Mark Ronson.

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Lohan had been dating Samantha – Ann’s eldest daughter and a successful British DJ – who was playing at the 1,539-room resort’s grand opening celebration.

‘Suddenly, without any warning, Lindsay flung herself on to the thick carpet and started to roll around screaming like a child,’ said Ann, as she recalled the bizarre scene that so shocked her four years ago.

We hate to be pinikity but it's actually a patty melt, because it’s a burger between fried slices of bread, and believe us, we’ve had enough hangovers to know what one of those guys looks like.

Here, have a look But, despite his sloth-like speech patterns and inability to remember the food he’s just bought, maybe Harry is a genius in handing over his take-out? He made the meat the centrepoint of a story that might have otherwise been about him with a hot young blonde who is a) Not Kendall Jenner, who he’s meant to be dating b) Samantha Ronson’s ex!? Carbs are actually out-of-bounds for all Directioners and Kardashian hangers-on, and Harry was legitimately more worried that he’d been spotted eating fried bread than with another woman. Or maybe, just maybe, he wasn't that hungry anymore.

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