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It lasted for about 18 months and it was a typical dotcom boom and bust, but I loved it. You've since worked for all the major news broadcasters including BBC, CNBC, GMTV, Sky and now Channel 5. What I have taken away from that was a better understanding of risk, especially around 2008 when it was all "Isn't life great? There's no such thing as a free lunch and I probably think that more.I'm not a massive spendaholic but I'm probably now more cautious or more aware of having to be a bit more careful and plan for the future financially, whereas in my twenties I wasn't as much. The lifestyle of my friends who don't live in a big city is very different. You walk out of your front door to get onto the Tube and you walk past the coffee shop on the way into work and buy a lunch and you can spend a lot of money just on buying a sandwich or something. So just by going to work and living in London, you end up spending so much more than I think I would if I had a different lifestyle. Because I work relatively long hours, I have a dog walker and it's incredibly expensive. It's £15 a dog for an hour-long walk, which is probably quite competitive in London.

I do need a nap, though, at around 11am." In a revealing letter in the latest issue of the BBC's in-house magazine, Ariel, Tim Cavanagh, the man charged with running Television Centre, wrote that he believed that finding an immediate replacement for one that had broken would cost the corporation an astonishing £120,000.

Realising that was "too high" in the present environment, he then found a company willing to repair the existing one for £76,000, which would include upgrading the two other turnstiles. Heckling Nicky Haslam The Countess of Avon, the 88-year-old widow of Sir Anthony Eden, enjoyed a lively night on the town with Nicky Haslam, the interior designer and socialite.

They speak to her "good intentions" and to the factors that caused them to "go awry." The authors critically represent Emmas sincere convictions towards mission work and the running of the Crosby Girls' Home (later to become a residential school), while at the same time exposing them as a product of the times in which she lived.

They also examine the roles of Native and mixed-race intermediaries who made possible the feats attributed to Thomas Crosby as a heroic male missionary persevering on his own against tremendous odds.

In that period of time when I was out of work I was still freelancing, but didn't have a regular bound contract. I once saw a Damien Hirst, a skull with the diamond teeth, about 10 years ago.

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