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The newly-appointed Olson Graduate Assistant in Special Collections will recount his experience at the Convent of the Recoleta in Arequipa, Peru, where he assisted with identifying and cataloging early printed books in the monastery’s collection.

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The Head of Special Collections will present a rare opportunity to view three complete copies of the Nuremberg Chronicle, printed in 1493.

He will describe the provenance of the three copies and discuss why the copy-specific features of each book are important to our understanding of the book trade.

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Ph D Candidate in the Department of History and specialist researcher in Special Collections will present her findings from examining medieval manuscript leaves in the collections in a talk titled, “The Mysterious Chain of Psalms: Identifying and Recovering an Otto Ege Manuscript.”Douglas S. Russell is a Senior Judge of the Iowa District Court and will address the Bibliophiles on books by and about famous bibliophiles, their book collections and the books they have written about collecting.

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