Elle dating columnist

She told Page Six: 'I just finished The Beguiled, first film Sofia Coppola’s made in a few years starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Colin Farrell. My period clothes had so many tiny, tiny buttons, so small I could not dress alone.

A shocking number say they’re distraught to the point of thinking about suicide.

From the now classic Ok Cupid to the ultra-exclusive newcomer The League, there are plenty of sites you can use to jumpstart your love life.

I notice it smells funny, and when I drink it, my eyes get superpuffy and swollen.

I suspect he’s also adding stuff to my lotions and bath products, which created brown discolorations on my skin.

While you’re at the bank, after you’ve looked into your investments, retirement funds, etc., now may be the time to move resources from any joint accounts into your personal ones, strike his name from credit cards, and so on.

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