Elizabeth gillies and eric nelsen dating

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We had begun to talk as the door opened and in came a boy, followed by a girl who jumped on his back yelled, "Gotcha! They are famous, after all.""Well, we re not exactly not-famous."I rolled my eyes."Come on, Ari. "We met a guy named Matt Bennett, who was easy to talk to and was very humorous, and would be playing Robbie Shapiro. " She pushed me a little and I fell backwards into someone, then turned around and caught the girl that was now falling."Thanks," The girl said. The beautiful girl introduced herself as Elizabeth Gillies, and the pretty girl next to her was introduced as Ariana Grande.

As we walked in we saw a room full of crew workers, wardrobe designers, make-up artists, and so many more people. Ari stayed close to me as we got a little further into the room. He said he and Victoria weren't going out.""Well, did you ever think that maybe they want to keep it a secret? I did not chase you down the hallway, until you yelled, 'I can beat you to the meeting room'! I mean, yeah, Vic was really pretty, and had an amazing smile, but if only this girl would smile, or laugh, it would make her look like a goddess. She'd taken all of my functioning thoughts away with those mesmerizing eyes.

She has a younger brother born in 1996 and is of Italian and Irish descent.

She rose to prominence when she landed a supporting role on the Nickelodeon TV show, was on the air, there may have been love in the air between the two co-stars, Gillies and British-Canadian actor, Avan Jogia.

I pushed open the door to the conference room we were supposed to go to, to meet our new co-stars. I get to kiss a guy who is in love with the lead." I said glancing at Avan and Victoria, who were laughing."I don't know. I didn't realize her hand was still in mine, until Vic put her hands on my shoulders and said, "Yep. "I didn't remember introducing myself, but by the look on her face, I probably had.

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