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Earlier this year, Cape Breton, off the coast of Canada's Nova Scotia province, launched a PR campaign encouraging people unhappy with the possibility of a Trump presidency to move to the island.

The website Maple Match, which billed itself as a matchmaking service setting up Americans eager to leave the country with eligible Canadians, debuted in May with the slogan (you guessed it) "Make Dating Great Again."This isn't the first time a European town dealing with a severe population decline has gone to extreme (and creative) marketing measures to bring in new inhabitants: In 2015, the Italian village of Gangi, which is on the island of Sicily, gave away some 300 abandoned homes with the requirement that the new owners had to rehabilitate the houses within four years.

A spokesperson for the airline told The Independent: “easy Jet has had discussions with Wright Electric and is actively providing an airline operator's perspective on the development of this exciting technology.” In its blog, the “Wright Weekly Weport”, the firm says the plane will be “optimised for short flights” — an indication of the profound difficulty to be overcome in battery storage.

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But it acknowledges that aviation regulators insist on substantial fuel reserves, “which immediately takes the math from a stretch to a pipe dream”. But it’s a start,” said the company in its “weport”.

Wright Electric also has a plan B if battery improvements fail to materialise.

In a week when battery-powered electronic devices bigger than a mobile phone were banned from the cabins of dozens of UK- and US-bound planes, an American start-up plans to launch planes powered by stored electricity.

Wright Electric says it aims “for every short flight to be electric within 20 years”, and is seeking investors to help build a 150-seat passenger aircraft capable of flying 300 miles.

The plane is intended to compete with the smaller members of the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 families.

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