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When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Fel's father sent him to aid the New Republic in holding them back.

Fel served at the Battle of Ithor, where he made the acquaintance of a young pilot named Jaina Solo and met his uncle, Wedge Antilles, for the first time.

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Fel was recalled to the Unknown Regions some time after the battle, but returned after the fall of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong.

He helped Solo defend Hapes against a Yuuzhan Vong fleet before serving under his uncle in the defense of Borleias, where he began a romance with Solo which would grow intense as the war went on.

By age eighteen, had attained the rank of colonel and commanded of three squadrons of Clawcraft.

At that same age, he had also lost two of his five siblings to battle against the myriad threats of the Unknown Regions.

They started dating since the middle of 2005 till around 2007.

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