Discouraged by online dating Granny dating butts

Only a small few and I didn't consider them very attractive and they didn't want anything to do with me beyond a physical relationship. It's a numbers game, but lately I'm just discourage and kind of tired of the whole process altogether.

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Not responding will get the message across fine — and probably won’t sting as much. Just because you can find out almost everything about a person online these days, doesn’t mean you should.

Following someone’s every online move is creepy and unhealthy.

Today is all about getting to the bottom of the burning question: is online dating really worth all the hard work and headaches it can cause?

Our editorial team sat down with Your Tango Expert Joe Amoia to find out.

So doesn’t it only make sense that there are other normal people there as well but… Are you tired of wasting your money and not getting any results?

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