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The World Health Organization estimate that over 382 million people worldwide including 4.05 million people in the UK have diabetes, a metabolic disorder affecting blood sugar levels.

uk is your resource for information on type 1 and type 2 diabetes, diabetes symptoms and diabetes treatments.

If you’re on another medication routine then you may have more time and freedom to choose the right moment.

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Depending on the type of diabetes, treatment can include insulin, medication, and changing your diet and exercise habits.

Quick Links: Type 1 Diabetes | Type 2 Diabetes | Gestational Diabetes | Diabetes Infromation Diabetes is hard to manage.

It may take your date a little time to get used to the idea at first but in most cases your partner will get accommodated with your injection regimes.

We’d like to say, “no, it doesn’t matter” but it can depend on how you manage diabetes and your date’s own feelings towards your diabetes.

In addition, diabetic retinopathy can worsen rapidly during pregnancy.

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