Dehyrdating fruits

Read Vickilynn's Product Reviews and Family Preparedness Articles at or drying of foods is a perfect way to preserve foods that are more easily stored than canned varieties, and lend themselves to be easily integrated into meals or packed for hiking/camping/emergency foods.Lots and lots of great ideas), and only a good book will do.

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Do not rely on the dehydrator’s temperature control settings.

Determine your dehydrator’s drying temperature using a low profile (so it fits in the tray) dial‐stem thermometer as follows: Taylor Precision Pocket Thermometer For an oven or a horizontal air‐flow dehydrator, place the thermometer inside the unit and close the door.

This leaves you with two choices if the SHTF, stock up a gazillion metal lids and/or start reusing them and hope you don’t kill yourself with botulism.

The Tattler lids sounded like a great supply to have on hand and I ordered 12 boxes of small mouth lids and 10 boxes of wide mouth lids.

Use these foods to build a food storage inventory that allows you to build the basics of meals that don’t need to be cooked.

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