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I think many of you know now I just returned from Washington and I really, really give God all the praise and all the honor, and I want you to hear from me from my heart.

This has [been] for me (and I’m just talking from my personal level) little to do with government and more to do with the assignment of God upon my life.

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Meanwhile, Brenda, now dating Rick, freaks out when she sees Dylan dating Kelly.

Dylan gets bad news regarding his appeal over his SAT' score; His frustrated peaks and he hits the road.

Not only do we need to preach the Gospel, but we need to BE the Gospel. We come to you, heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus with grateful hearts, thanking you for this great country that you have decreed to your people.

We acknowledge we are a blessed nation with a rich history of faith and fortitude, with a future that is filled with promise and purpose.

Initially, life was great for the White’s, their personal life and vocational life was going great guns; they had found fame and fortune.

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