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We are proud to be a technical assistance provider for the U. Department of Justice, Office o Violence Against Women Campus Program.

To learn more about that initiative, please visit our OVW Technical Assistance section. to support their amazing efforts to address street harassment.

The outcome of the survey of homeless people in England and Wales has been called ‘horrifying’ by Crisis, who said it reinforces the focus on preventing people ending up in the situation.

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"Just Say No" was an advertising campaign, part of the U. "War on Drugs", prevalent during the 1980s and early 1990s, to discourage children from engaging in illegal recreational drug use by offering various ways of saying no.

The slogan was created and championed by First Lady Nancy Reagan during her husband's presidency.

At Green Dot, etcetera, our work goes beyond the Green Dot program itself.

As leaders in violence prevention, we provide training, technical assistance, and program development for individuals, schools, and organizations both domestically and internationally as they work to foster safe communities.

It’s outrageous to me that the overwhelming response is to disbelieve the accuser, to defend the accused, to blame what she did, or what she drank, or what she wore, over and above his choice to rape. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse or sexual violence, here are some organisations that can offer you support and advice: Rape Crisis UK – 08 The Survivors Trust – 08 Survivors UK (for male survivors of rape) About Emily Emily is a survivor and a coach and NLP master practitioner using her skills to transform the lives of professional women ready to move forward from living a half-life to living a full and whole reconnected life and make that shift from surviving, coping, to thriving. Link with her on Twitter, and follow her on Facebook.

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