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”), and feign having a bad memory (“I’d forget what day of the week it was if it weren’t for this sweet Casio watch”).

Choose your own adventure, but I use a large post-it note with basic data than I stick on my calendar and update regularly.

If I do, it might work out better, but I could lose them both if they don't like the arrangement or if they find out if I tried to keep it from them.

by Gipper Pursue and date more than one woman at a time. I can't count the times I've read a post by some guy who pines away for the "perfect" girl only to find out she's got a boyfriend, or isn't interested. You cannot, I repeat, cannot fall in love with one woman after going out with her once and twice. You can't be lighthearted and fun, which really hurts you in the long run. You can gauge which girl is really more fun to be around. This should be enough reason to try multiple chicks.

Screwface also made a major announcement – Ghanaians might soon see him with his iconic dreads cut off, with him going for a bald look instead.

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