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Blessed is he who, in the name Lug and good will, shepherds the on-beat rhythm through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost notes and tunings.

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Squire’s solo composition, “The Fish,” is a bass guitar behemoth, building guttural lines and funky wah-wah melodies into a low-end symphony.

1834 Cumberland, Robeson and Richmond County lines John Mc Pherson, Jr.'s home and lands (grandson of Old John Mc Pherson of the Argyll Colony) 1863 Colton Map of of area around Fayetteville in Cumberland County, NC Area south and west of Red Springs, Great Desert, and the Blackfork region of upper Robeson County, NC The Mc Neill section of Mc Caskill's cemetery at Philippi Church in Cumberland County, NC Section of the 1884 Mc Duffie map of Cumberland County, NC Map of lands and location of the home of James Mc Neill of Rockfish Creek Location of Job's Branch, the seat of Neill Mc Neill's lands in Hoke County, NC 1840 Surveyor's plat of original lands of John Mc Pherson in Robeson County, NC map of John Mc Pherson's cabin on Raft Swamp in upper Robeson County, NC (Turn this plat to the right 90 degrees to see its proper orientation.) In 1743, Daniel Mc Neill of the Argyll Colony, called "Squire Mc Neill", bought from John Martinleer the tract which became "Tweedside".

The course of the Cape Fear River was Tweedside's western boundary — in the center of which was Racoon Falls — about 13 miles above the mouth of Rockfish Creek.

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