Dating someone same career

Here’s what you should know before falling head over heels for a career-obsessed hottie. Work and life goals will constantly be on their mind, so you need to be okay with them having the laptop open well after work hours. They Work Hard, So They Play Hard Those long hours and ladder climbing can get stressful, so blowing off steam is a vital part of their weekends.

These types take their career seriously, and they expect the same of anyone they date.

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Going dancing, having a girls or guys night, seeing the latest exhibit, hitting up a festival or exclusive party – these are just par for the course in the YP lifestyle. Their Time is Limited Unlike their college days, laying around all week eating pizza and having sex is a no-go.

They have packed schedules full of tasks they need to get done.

Prof Gail Kinman, of the University of Bedfordshire, said there was an increasing trend for people to find partners in the same profession, in particular for younger people employed in the education sector.

She said: "The findings of these studies suggest that doing similar work to your partner means that work issues are more likely to “spill over” into home life and threaten work-life balance.

In each of these cases, your career decisions are largely determined by who you choose as your mate.

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