Dating service in morocco 2016

But barring reform to other problematic laws, journalists will still find themselves punished for “defaming” prominent officials by calling out corruption or criticizing government policies.Hamid El Mehdaoui, editor of was ordered to pay over US$ 51,000 for an article on the king’s private secretary.

Internet freedom declined in Morocco over the past year due to new restrictions on Voice-over-IP (Vo IP), while legal harassment of prominent activists and online journalists continued.

In a new obstacle to greater internet access, Morocco’s regulator blocked free voice-calling features provided by apps like Whats App, Skype, and Viber, seemingly under pressure from telecommunications providers.

Moroccan authorities use nuanced means to limit online content and violate users’ rights.

For example, while websites are rarely blocked, problematic press and antiterrorism laws place heavy burdens on intermediaries and allow for the shutting down of news sites.

Ethem Barkan Öz, Turkey Commercial Counseller To Rabat, Önder Duman , Turkey Commercial Counseller To Casablanca Gökhan Üsküdar, Ambassador of India To Rabat Dr.

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