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One thing that definitely scores big time for me is that I can go from bad boy to sentimental guy in a heartbeat. For them, emotions and passion often predominate over logic or reason. Don't make it to easy on them, they lose interest if you are too interested. And I mean men who are competent and who are giving away a vibe that they will be very financially independent in future even if they aren't now.

Can you hold a slightly arrogant/overly confident frame? Hi all Do Russian women differ (a lot) from western european chicks in terms of gaming them? Also there is some aspects of the slav game that the slavic female is groomed to like and most importantly respect, like being manly, direct, uncompromising and even cruel sometimes (by our standards), but you need to combine it with western qualities like humour, intelligence, culture, empathy, sentimentality and sensitivity at the right moments, ect. But if she is interested, NEVER let her doubt she is lucky to be with you. Russia, as well as many Slavic countries (including mine) are in shortage of men (wars and strange birth rates did their job).

Can you hold a slightly arrogant/overly confident frame? Any reason why you didn't look up other threads on gaming Russian women? The most notoriously ineffective tactic with FSU women is "Mr Nice Guy".

Russian women are known not to wear a lot of makeup and go for the "natural" look. And keep in mind that Russian women are notorious for testing the boundaries of controlling men.

My personal take on the matter is that it depends on the individual and we can't say Russian girls this, American girls that, but perhaps some others maybe have some more interesting relevant info for U on the topic. I think we fit with our partners not related to their nationality. I do like mine still." But she will get to know, you love her. Be sure, that your wife will be careful with your money very soon (but not first 6 (7,8) months); 3. like when husbands are gentlemen (not matter, you are or you are not for high society). Russians should feel that you are her protection always (a father).

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