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The Royal Doulton factory had been manufacturing rather plain Toby jugs since 1815.

In 1926, designer Charles Noke created a series of Toby jugs depicting the head and shoulders of fictional, and later also some real male characters.

Noke designed a series of jugs , each of whom depicted a famous person or character in English history, literature, and song.

The first jugs were of Old Charley ( night watchman )and John Barleycorn (personification of whiskey).

Exceptions to the above are those few jugs which can fairly confidently be attributed to one of the following Staffordshire potters: • John Astbury • John Voyez • Josiah Wedgwood • Thomas Whieldon • Aaron Wood • Ralph Wood I • Ralph Wood II • Enoch Wood All of these styles, finishes, production areas and individual potters are represented in the Antique section of the Museum.

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