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Assuming you stay together: To avoid the pain of the power struggles, you and your partner subdue your emotions by closing down your hearts, but this also stops you experiencing love You increasingly withdraw from each other emotionally and physically.The WCU Red Zone Awareness campaign takes a multi-pronged approach to promote safe, healthy relationships.

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We also sell tickets to our unlimited Laser Tag sessions in advance. Our weekend hours are generally am to midnight on Saturday, and am to pm on Sunday.

During the fall, winter and spring, we open at pm Tuesday through Friday, and close at pm Tuesday though Thursday and midnight on Friday.

A detailed calendar can be found on our CALENDAR page (click on the CALENDAR sign on the left side of this page).

The Red Zone (TRZ) reserves the right to require a security and/or cleaning deposit at the time of booking.

The Group shall leave The Red Zone’s, including, but not limited to, guestrooms and Meeting/Function rooms in the same condition they were in prior to the event.

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