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Take the praying mantis, for whom the term “battle of the sexes” takes on new meaning. But it’s unlikely that there’s any evolutionary advantage to the male allowing himself to being eaten.

Like most insects and arachnids, female mantises are larger than their male counterparts and can easily overpower them.

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As I recall from my own high school experiences, teenage boys talk cocky when it comes to sex, but outside of the odd fantasy, not many boys would respond enthusiastically to a mature woman ordering them to fertilize her eggs.

Sex at that age is supposed to be furtive, awkward and giggly, not directly tied to the mysterious and creepy biological processes by which we create new life."Teacher's Pet" ends with another one of the show's stinger images, as deep in the supply closet of the Sunnydale High biology class, one of Miss French's egg sacs hangs, dripping with potential menace.

"Teacher's Pet"This week's trio of episodes is fairly Xander-iffic, starting with Episode 4, in which Xander develops a crush on substitute teacher Miss French, who turns out to be a giant praying mantis in disguise.

She bites the head off the old teacher–a kindly gent who earns audience sympathy early in the episode by telling Buffy, "You have a first-rate mind and you can think on your feet"–then lures unsuspecting virgins like our man X to her basement lair, where she lays eggs and forces the boys to fertilize them.

Climate is identified as the key soil-forming factor controlling the intensity of pedogenesis and is reflected in the changing concentration of pedogenic ferrimagnetic minerals (magnetite/maghemite) of single domain and superparamagnetic dimensions, and by variations in the amount of hematite compared to goethite.

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