Dating married man pregnant wife

he's trying to keep both of you around please be the bigger person Honestly is better you abort the baby, it will ruin ur life and his, and sorry for my words is fullish of u to date a married man, and he is a jerk! He doesn't want you to keep the kid because it will ruin his marriage/family but he doesn't want to lose you?? Don't do it because of someone else, it'll eat you alive in the long run.

And he will never leave his wife  Dont you feel bad for her?? He is not only a dog for cheating he's also a brainless idiot. if anything give it up to adoption if you really don't think you can handle it.

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Dating married man pregnant wife who is tom hardy dating

I have no intention of taking him away from his family but he keeps assuring me that he is ready and excited to be starting a family with me.

I guess my question is has anyone ever been in a similar situation and how did it turn out.

I think the days of secret "love children" are gone; he should man up and take responsibility, socially and financially if need be.

First off, I wouldn't get pregnant by a married man because I wouldn't be having sex with one.

That was 8 months before anything happened between us. for two days it killed me and I asked him back and he couldn’t off been happier. He is 45 on his second marriage and has 4 children. It is never a good idea to date someone who is married. Many married individuals in this predicament say they’re going to leave their spouse but they often don’t.

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