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”The stuff that was [available to lesbians] was built for gay guys, and its marketing toward women felt fake.

I guess this goes for lesbians with MTFs or straight people dating trans people too. Of course there are penis (re)construction surgeries and so on though."whether it would be fulfilling for either of us is a concern for me" Maybe I should have said 'both of us'.

And you can do some things with strap-ons/toys but not others.

Well, after we had been married for a little while, I began to casually mention things about her past that I knew about.

Eventually I began to try to pry details about her past out her vault. I would also love to hear some stories about your wifes past; stories that dont involve you, of course.

I love the internet and large groups of unknown lesbians give me anxiety-driven bitch face, so dating via the App store sounds like a fabulous idea to me. Online dating is nothing new, and while some straight people might hesitate to post their personals on the internet for fear of stigma, almost every lesbian I know has at some point gone online to find lurve or at least sex.

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